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VampiressHollyMarie (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2004 at 11:23am
Current mood: chipper
Subject: I'm chipper, and I'm going to fucking stay that way!
So yeah, I'm listening to No Doubt, no I lied, now I'm listening to Great White. This song reminds me of eight grade. WHy? I dunno... but yeah.. I was reading Kelly's journal and it turns out that she and her other friends were almost abducted. She was really scared. I remember the time... no I dont want to remember, never mind. But yeah, I can relate to how scared she was. Now I'm listening to Holy Diver by Dio. Eye Heart Dio man... Yeah but anyway... boring weekend nothing better to do than sit here and stare at the computer screen. Crap, people is at the door.

He he that was fun. Well I'm gonna go... byes..
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