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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2004 at 5:51am
yester day was so kool, i went to srm and played basketball wit a small group of bois and then other people started joing in then this cute boi came in and came on the girls team. SO cute. Anyway when i made shoots he hugged me. His name is kiki and he always was like touching me, but i was ok wit that. After that i was really tired so i went to go get a drink of cores kik followed me and wanted to know where i was going, im like going to get a drink. Then i went out side and sat down on the rap were my freinds were, he also came to and sat byme my friends are like, is that your boi friend, im like no just a friend but they said he was cute. I hae to admit he was cute. Turns out in the end he wanted to go out wit me, he asked my friends if he wanted to go out wit me, im like to them, if he wants to go out wit me, he has to ask him self, do not talk for him, so he pulled me aside and asked me, i said yes and for the whole srm time we were never seprated well only if i had to go to the bath room and shit like that but still it was all good. But there was this other boi who likes me, and when he saw me wit kiki and of cores kiki was holding my hand and stuff he became jelous and didn't talk to me. What ever for him, he can go be jelous. Anyway it was kool, ipo and jakie got in a fight i heard ipo was drinking so ya. Jas got a boi friend tht nite to. Kamailes dad picked us up around 12:30 am so tired, my mom had a shit fit. But other then that it was so kool, maybe i do have to give up cameron and michael if i want to be with my new boi friend, he achally likes me for who i am not what i have and stuff or what he can do to me. Hes the boi friend i guess i have always wanted.
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