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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2004 at 8:34pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: bright eyes
Subject: ah!
alright so I have this majior part of a project due on monday, my mother is out of town with my new neice, I cant see how to get this stupid search bar that automaticly downloaded on my computer off, I need sleep, I need to still sew my skirt that I would really like to get done, and I miss cars and corty. poo. IM not really stressed i just wish it could all go away for 2 seconds, and now I feel like a dumb girl letting her stupid feelings which no one cares about by the way to a computer screan. ah. skrew life. last week was a horrible week. 100% horrible every day something big needed to be done, and we had to cordinate with my dad and not our momy (my sister and I) and I just felt very...stressed. our play is next friday and saturday but our first real preformance is on monday tuesday wednesday and thrusday o and my bad friday as well. ugh! I love the plays dont get me wrong but Im not ready to go to my teachers and get all of that make up work....ah skrew it all. anywho. I must get back to my project 9o kindof good news i just got the search bar to go away.. ugh that is the most annyoing thing!) anywho. thank you for caring. I love you. have a grand day.
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