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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2004 at 9:23pm
Current mood: My head hurts
Music: Led Zeppelin
Subject: My head hurts x.x
My head hurts.
Ay, now you know! Heh. Gahh.. I need for my head to stop hurting x.x...
Watching Almost Famous. o.0
Abortion?: Yes.
Death Penalty?: It's terrible, uncivilized, and just fucking wrong.
Prostitution?: Sure? If you want to.
Alcohol?: Be careful. Age restriction should be 18.
Marijuana?: Sure. Be careful.
Other drugs?: o.0 I wouldn't inject anything into myself, though. be careful.
Gay marriage?: Yup.
Illegal immigrants?: Yes.
Smoking?: Eh. If you want to.
Drunk driving?: It sucks.
Cloning?: For People? If the clone's gunna have a normal life like a uh.. non-clone o.o.
Racism?: Wrong.
Premarital sex?: Why not? =)
Religion?: Should be respected. But, no one should ever try to convince someone to believe something or tell them something is wrong because their religion says.. *sigh*
The war in Iraq?: Bullshit.
Bush?: Lying fuck up.
Downloading music?: I download. So shoot me.
The legal drinking age?: 18.
Porn?: ...don't care
Suicide?: I can't keep up with everyone's suicide attempts.... *sigh*
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