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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2004 at 1:59pm
Current mood: sore
Music: Atreyu-Lip Gloss and Black
im tired and i woke up and my neck hurt all kinds and it sucked but w/e.....i woke up and my family decided not to go to church so i was like right i had to go to pick up these chicken plates that we bought off of becky and we had to go pick them up ...i ate one and it wasnt that was ok i i am at home lunchin' and on the net..thinking of something to do ...oh snap..i need to start on my Pinata...for art....*dammit*.....and i have to do some homework...but the hell with it ill do it later..i dont want to do it right neck hurts and its sore for some reason, which really ya.
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