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runningaway (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 12:07am
Current mood: silly.
Music: is my lover.
Subject: hi.
General Information
State your full name.:Carolione Elizabeth
Do you like your name?:sure.
If you could change it, would you, and to what?:nope. i wouldnt. its all a family name.
Tell me your age.:16
What do you want your wedding to be like?:traditional and special.
Tell me the perfect setting for when you have sex.:um...a bed.
Have you ever been in love?:yep.
Are you in love?:yep.
Your opinions
Rock music is..:my life.
Pop music is..:okay. justin timberlake is hott.
Your thoughts on anarchy:stupid. it would never work.
Do you believe in God?:yes.
Type of music:rock.
Band:nirvana and coldplay.
Thing to do:sleep.
Thing to say:aw, hell no.
Person to talk to:all my lovers.
Subject in school:history.
Parent:well, i have one so well go with that one.
Color, and why:green, its a pretty one.
Author:edgar allan poe. its very interesting.
Book:wow. i have lots. the catcher in the rye was a good one.
Last, just random questions and things about you.
Do you like yourself?:eh, no matter.
What do you like about yourself?:i like to help.
What dont you like about yourself?:eh, no matter.
Can you play any instruments?:i can! woot. the clarinet.
Are you depressed?:nope.
Have you ever been suicidal?:nope.
Do you do drugs?:neva.
Do you drink alcohol?:ha. that would be like saying the sky isnt blue.
Do you miss anyone right now? Who?:yes, some people.
What do you want to do with your life?:social work.
What's something you know you want to accomplish before you die?:get married, have a good career, all that fucking fairy tale junk.
Do you think that I love you?:you better, bitch.
You best, because I do.

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