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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 2:52pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: yellowcard - only one
Subject: mexicans are a good time
this weekend was interesting. sunday was kewl. went to claire's. thats always fun. her friend kevin came over. we all watched gothika. he was pretty kewl, he performed some songs for us about goose poop and the hotness of claire. that was a good time. but saturday was the interesting part....i went to my cottage and guess who shows up out of nowhere? ronnie. i havent talked to him since july and he just shows up and knocks on the door all like "hi!". randomness. but it was pretty fun anyway. he brought dustin and john with him and they hung out with my sister while i, uh...hung out with ronnie. got some fun pictures out of it tho. mexicans are funny. good times.
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