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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 7:28pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: "The Moon and Back" ~ Savage Garden
I passed my written driver's exam and have my certificate to get my Level 1... Still got a long ways to go to get to level 2...

Anyways, I'm worried about Maria. She was having a bad day, and I made it worse yesterday. But she wasn't at school today, and both of her parents were in the office today when I was walking back from student council.

(Now she wouldn't buy this right now, but:)

I'm worried about her because I care about her. i sure didn't show it with that message I left her, but in the aftermath and today, I realized what I did, and I realized that I really cared about her as a friend. I mean, I'm not the perfect person, but I love her as a friend through and through even though I can be a total asshole. She hates me right now I guess, and I haven't been able to talk to her since the initial fight, but I wish we could go back to what little friendship we had before.
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