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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2004 at 10:41pm
Vomit, Undergroud, and Broken Hearts

That's right kids! It's time for another one of my fun weekends grab yourself a snack and get comforatable.


I had no classes. Yes I know, how cool is that?!?!? I woke up at around 10:30 (which is a beautiful thing when you're in college.) Sam and Scott came to pick me up. They actually asked for directions. You know, I think that's the first time I've ever even heard of a male asking for directions. That is so crazy. So we all pilled into the car. Sam, being the absolute darling that he is, asked me if I wanted the front seat, but I took the back. Unfortunatly, I had forgotten that I have an extremely dinky stomach. Scott's car was so fucking hot, and I got soo car sick. I was thinking, "Man, I hope there's nothing important back here...because I'm about to throw up all over it." It seemed like forever before I got home. Sam and Scott just left and left me sleep off my icky car sickness. That night I went with Melissa to see Nick perform in the GSU Band concert. It was soo cool. They kick major booty. After that we decided to go and visit Josh at Chiilie's. Josh is the other guy I met at Jillian's along with Brent. He left Jillian's a little later...and I never get to see him, which is such a shame, because he's my sex kitten. So we get there, and just our luck Josh left early. I was thoroughly depressed, but then I had some root beer, and then I was all better. I ate so much food, I once again thought I was gonna puke. They had to take me home because I got sick again. So the moral of this story is...Bekie got sick a lot on Friday, but she never actually threw up.


My daddy was doing yard work, and asked my step-mom to wake my sister up. Well, what do ya know, she wakes me up instead. She doesn't like me. I got up anyway because I knew Nikie would never get up. So I helped my Daddy with yard work. It was actually pretty fun (no, I'm not crazy.) I like to hang with my daddy. A little later Christy (my step-mom's daughter) stopped by to drop Amber off. I showed her my tatto and we talked about our love for Elivis. Christy asked me what my step-mom had said about the tattoo and I told her that she wasn't speaking to me at the given moment. Christy was like, "Yeah, she used to always tell me when I was growing up that only whores have tattoos, so she was really pissed when I got my first one." So now it makes sense...she's not talking to me because I have a tattoo...which means I'm a whore. I'm not even gonna comment on this one. Later on Sam came to pick me up and we headed into Atlanta to pick up Melissa from her choir practice. I love Atalanta! It has to be one of the coolest places ever. I would love to live there. Melissa decided that since we were in Atlanta we had to go to Underground. She was thoroughly shocked that Sam and I had never been to Underground, especially since I've lived here all my life. Underground was pretty cool. We were gonna go to The World of Coke but the line looked forever long. We ended up just walking around and grabbing a bite to eat. There were a lot of pigeons. Anytime we go into Atlanta there are always pigeons, and I want to pet them, but they always fly alway. That makes me sad. After Atlanta we realized it was adoption day at the pet store, so we went to see all the pretty doggies and kitties. I loved them, they were all so sweet. We had to hurry after that so we could catch a viewing of The Prince and Me. That movie was okay...I wasn't too crazy about it though. After this of course we had to go to Jillian's. Brent was our server...and I broke the news of the affair to him. I made him sit next to me and I took his hand. I was like, "Bent, we feel like we should have an honest relatioship, so there's somthing you need to know....we had an affair." At first he looked at me like, "What the hell" and then I went on to explain, "We made friends with another another resturant." He didn't take it as well as I had excpected. For a while he just faced the wall and said nothing. Nick tried to comfort him...but that didn't seem to help either. Eventually he came back, and suddenly the affair was my fault! He was like, "Bekie, I can't believe that you would go to another resturant and make friends with another waiter and become regulars!" I was like "Melissa and Nick cheated on you too!!!!!" Melissa didn't help by yelling, "It was Bekie's idea!" I told Brent that we weren't regulars, it was just a one time thing, and then he was okay. The best part was he really almost started crying because he was trying to look upset. We had a general good time all around at Jillian's...but we always do. After that we ran into our swinger friend...he always hits on me. I don't get it.

~Random Crap~

I think everyone in the world should come to Georgia at least once and eat at the Varsity. You haven't lived until you've eaten there.

I'm thinking about quitting Jillian's. Everytime I go there Cyndi (Brent's girlfriend...and fellow waiter) always looks at me funny. I'm afraid of her...she looks like she could kick my ass. I don't like people who look at me like they don't like me...and then I feel bad because I'm like, "Awww, everyone else knows her except for me...and I don't think she likes me anyway." She's pretty though. That doesn't help her much on my list, I don't like girl who are prettier than me...I don't like a lot of girls.

My life is cool. How lucky am I?

I'm listening to Elivis...faint.

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