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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 10:43pm
Carrollton Days

I'm going to write about my day today...while I'm in Carrollton, which is kinda strange since I usually only write about my times in Gwinnett. But today is journal worthy

We had a party today in Aural skills. It was to celebrate Dr. Morris. She's been our prof all year long...and then they decided to give her job away to some woman who could never ever do it as well as she does. So we threw her a party to show her how much love we all have for her.

I had history class after that. I learned history...I thought about ice cream.

I wrote a Music Appreciation paper all afternoon long. I had a test in that class too so I kinda sorta studied for it. So at 6:58pm I get to class, and start chattin' it up with Darshena. I asked her why she had her program stapled to her paper and she was like, "You have to have it...or he won't grade it." I was like "Damn!" so I looked in my bag for my program and it wasn't there and I again yelled "Damn!" Darshena was like, "Can you make it to your dorm room and back in ten minutes?" and I was like, "Yeah." As I was leaving she was yelling after me "Run Rebekah!!" Just then Daniel walked in and I was like "Hi right back!" So I ran all the way back to the dorm room, got my program, and started back to class. At this point I knew there was no way I was gonna make it back on time, so I stopped running. Hey, if I was gonna be late, I was gonna do it right. At the very end I started running again because I didn't want to be too late. In the end I was like three minutes late and they had already started the listening portion of the test. I sat down and got started...and thought I was gonna die of the heat...because the room was so freakin' hot and I had been running. I finished the test late because I had to wait for him to play the listening portion again.

On my way back to my dorm room I saw Daniel walking towards me. I asked him where he was going and he held up this little bit of paper. I was like, "What is that?" and he just told me to follow him. It ended up that was his ticket stub (subsitute for program.) He had forgotten his too, but you could turn them in after. He was like, "I was gonna go after you...but I figured you'd be too far away." I yelled, "You should have come after me! I didn't get that far!" We got to the stairs and I told him I'd wait...because I was tired of running. I got a soda...and finally I went upstairs for him. What do you know, he was headed back downstrairs the very moment I got up the damn things. On our way back to our dorm rooms we started to talked about Carrollton. Somehow we decided that we would write interperative poems about Carrollton and then put them all in a book. Here's what we've got so far...

Where are the squirrels going?

Up the trees

Down the trees




I wrote the first three lines, and then Daniel wrote the nowhere part. Next we're gonna write about the dirty little creek next to Robert's and the crazy wilderness lady.

Maybe we're brilliant.

Or maybe we're just crazy music majors.

I have to give Daniel my home nubmer tomorrow because Jeremy want it because he needs to get in touch with me over the weekend, because he wants something, but Daniel won't tell me until tomorrow. Geeze.

I found an awesome new musical called Wicked

listen to the music at the official site...

or read about the whole thing...

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