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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 8:46pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: Sugarcult-Memory
so here i am at home lunchin'. today was alright i listening to the new sugarcult joint and it is freakin rad also pretty hyped cuz we actually got to jam with stephen...and i want to learn how to scream..and me and jesse are writing some material...and hopefully it will turn out alright...i took tiffany's quiz..(chick from Colfax that i met on the net and i love her too) and i got a 100/100 :D. im that so ya tommorow should suck cuz i have to go to school and i need to go to sleep lol..but w/e i need to take a shower ne way...ya i heard that Gina is also going to cut her hair short and spike are telling her crap but i think it should turn out pretty damn rad...hopefully it goes well..and her hair cut turns out to be.....well....Gina i I also want to get pink or burgundy streaks in my hair but my mom wont let me....cuz ppl at church will think wrong of me or something...but w/e hopefully it happens too....well im going to sleep
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