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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2004 at 6:50pm
Current mood: amazed
Music: finch -letters to you
Subject: hey kiddos
hooray for this wonderous Tuesday. ha ok so get this. (ah it must happen this way or it couldnt be a real play) My director for my play got in an obnoxiously big car crash last night and totaled (sp) his car....sweet hes ok but the doctor told him not to coem to school but he had to becuase he needed to direct our dress rehersal. great great fun. ok so then sloan this morning fell skating at our gym skate day/week so he fell big deal. alright so then I hear he goes to the hospital . ok Im freaking out sloan is my husband in the play and hes the main part) alright... ok, so then we hear he broke his ribs and he cant come this week at all(maybe friday and saturday when our real preformances at night are. this week they are just for the middle school and elementary school) ah garshey. Im quite angry/annoyd at my new husband (that "replaced" sloan) still. but Ill get over it. 17 more days of school. thank you. I dont really think that I could handle any more. Anywho. Ive got to calm down. hooray for the guitar. Im going to go play. have a grand day. thank you for reading. your amazing.
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