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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2004 at 8:48pm
Current mood: weird
Music: 3lw
i should've sat on that bench for the whole night. i came home and i was like, "i should've just stayed there." i come home and my mom tells me something disappointing, i've learned to not believe anything she says anymore, like before i would've cried for something like she did today but i've learned to just brush it off. i wish i would've cried though cause maybe she would've understood that i was upset instead i just said, "whatever" and put myself to sleep. lately, i feel like my mom and i's roles have changed. i'm the one that gives her advice these days. last night i had to explain to her why it is important for her to take her thyroid medicine. she just stopped taking it and figures her body can function properly without it and she wonders why she is always tired...

on better notes, i have 6 b's and 1 a on my progress reports. a little surprised by that. i thought my grade in english was horrible... it should've been but oh well. he gave me a 170/200 on my research paper. i think he was half asleep when he graded that or just felt bad for me. whatever, i'll take it.

wisdom teeth pulled in 3 days. 2 days left in this school week para mi.

must study for stats. i have a 79.9 in that class and i hear the short answer is hard. avi came to get me out of english during it and asked me what confidence interval was.... lol.
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