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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2004 at 12:26am
Current mood: i am loser
well, the last thing i wrote, i was pissed about my job, well... the very next day, i was canned... so i now work for applebees and i am helping out a friend at her new restaurant, leggios.
i am a loser, i hate julie... i hate her for not giving me a chance, i hate her for firing me for no good reason, i hate her and her primadonna attitude, i hate her bad drawn in eyebrows... i just plain hate her... (wow, i sound like i am a fucking 8 year old... "i hate this, i hate that" oh well)
so, in a little more then a month, i am getting married, i am scared... should i be? well, i am... not really of anything specific, but i am scared... i don't want it to not work out and then have to deal with all of the bull shit, but i know that anticipating that it isn't gonna work out means pretty much that it isn't gonna work out... oh well, i am scared, plain and simple...
so, back to me being a loser, i was driving past jessicas old house this morning and i remembered out of NO WHERE her old phone #, i was just driving and like, all of the sudden it popped into my head... fucking weird huh? ok, i am a loser...
ok, i have to go and cut the grass now, woohoo, *sarcastically said*
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