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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2004 at 1:12pm
Current mood: Lunchin'
Music: Mrs. Natwick's Lecture
so here i am at kic and this day is going alright i guess. im just lunchin here and thank God classes are only 25 minutes long today because its a short day..thats pretty grand. Only two more days till the weekend *relief*..mrs. natwich is being a stupid bitch again..shes pretty damn dumb and i dont like her at all. she can be ok sometimes but the rest of the time shes just stupid and annoying....she should seriously quit teaching...but ne we are going to jam and we should finish up the song..and we are going to get a website for our band but first we need to agree on a name and ill keep you posted on that should be a really awesome website with an pretty koo band lol. so ya and ill also try to post some songs when we actually get some and record them so ill keep you posted on that one too. well i shall go and actually pay attetion to my idiotic
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