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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2004 at 6:07pm
Current mood: cranky
Music: that guy and that santana guy
Subject: holy
holy fuck i hate uhaul. i REALLY hate uhaul in the summer though!!! it was busy today. there is still like 10 people STILL waiting for tomorrow. i'm coming in at 8:30 instead of 10 so i can drive to sturgis and back. WOO HOO! but hey its like an hour and a half overtime...well no ok its not. cus i only worked 1-7 and that would've given me only like 38 hours and with the extra hour and a half its up to like 39 1/2 so i have to stay an extra hour tomorrow so i can get some sort of overtime. i heart overtime. time and a half at $8.50 isn't bad for a college girl like myself.

so i saw jennie for the last time before her birthday i think yesterday. we spent the day together. i am going to miss her more than she knows. she is my best friend, i tell her EVERYTHING. and i mean everything. she knows me inside and out. we went to get her hair cut, it looks REALLY cute! and then to lunch at olga's and to a movie, The Prince and Me (whoa whoa whoa hot boy in the movie. i swear i think i almost fainted, so hott!!!) and then to her house. we were chillin and talking and we decided we wanted to go hot tubbing...well the only person we knew that had a hot tub was laura traverse city. so we decided to call her up and travel the like 2 hours and to up to TC for the night. granted i had to work at 1 today and we didn't leave til like 7:30 but it was still cool, i had a great time!! plus i love just riding in the car and listening to the radio and talking. it was great. so it was a pretty good day. which is nice cus i work the rest of the week, and its going to be hell. pure hell. i have to put in the days for the next two weeks that i want off (i get two days off a week) so if anyone wants to hang out or do something let me know before saturday and i'll make some time for you! ;) i'll need to break into the liquor supply at the apartment after this week. which will be fun, although odd's are i'll be there by myself...but that's ok. i can always drunk dial people and talk online drunk. that's ALWAYS fun! haha haha not really. i think i may be listening to too much switchfoot lately, i just love their songs. none really have any special meaning, they are just pretty. well ok..time for real work. i may come back and do a survay or something if i get my shit done before 7. oh the grades...they are posted...not even going to comment...they are bad...bad like whoa...i am going to study a WHOLE lot more this semester, no more drinking every weekend and hanging out to all hours of the night on the week days, i have to get my shit together if i want to graduate next fall semester.

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