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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 4-30-2004 at 1:21am
Music: One More Sad Song || All American Regects
Subject: one boy, one girl, two hearts, their world.

Man, it is so hot today. :dies: My thermometer says its 100 degrees. And it sure feels like it. Bleh...

Woo! Yesterday guess who won the NASCAR race at Talledega? Jeff Gordon, baby. lol it was an awesome race. There was like 11 cautions, an 11 car wreck and 54 lead changes. On the last three laps Dale Earnhart(sp?) Jr. was in first and Gordon was in second. Jeff passed him and then a caution came out. Jr. re-passed him but you cant change position under caution so he was back in second. They ran the last 3 laps under caution and Jeff won. Woo! Yeah lol i was like dancing around the living room. lol then i called my dad because hes in Las Vegas for Natalies tournament. XD. So yeah, that was my 10 minutes of happiness.

Tomorow its back to our flucked up schedule for testing. >.<

All the perfect words, they seem so wrong, shes gone

Today, bleh, basically sucked. It was hot and eh it just sucked. @.@Okay well i have a load of homework to do so i shall be going <\3 Amanda

Alone with you, alone with me. What can i do, i cannot breathe. My heart is torn, for all to see.She walks once more, out that door. Please stay, dont go away. The hardest thing is letting go of you.
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