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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 4-30-2004 at 3:42pm
Current mood: uncomfortable
i'm alive. rough day. i can talk. my dad rocks. my brother cares and that brought tears to my eyes. i have a bell. when i ring it, you better come.

ok. more detailed version of yesterday now. so yesterday i woke up at like 7:30 and got dressed, drove to the oral surgeon's office with my dad. we walked in and i went to the bathroom and as soon as i came out of the bathroom, they pulled me into the operating room, i didn't even get to say bye to my dad which made me a little uncomfortable, since i was already scared. the nurse hooked me up to machines that would monitor my blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, all that crap. then she told me that she was giving me extra oxygen and told me to breathe through my nose. what crap was that. i don't understand why she couldn't just tell me that she was giving me the gas to go bye bye. the doctor put the IV into my hand and i looked up to the ceiling, looking at the tv built into the ceiling and just closed my eyes and that was the last thing i remember. i woke up in the middle of my living room, crying with my parents asking me where i wanted to lay down. my dad said i cried for a good hour. then i passed out on the couch and woke up and took some pills. passed out yet again. woke up and drank pina coladas and such, and ate some rice. went to sleep yet again. my dad showed me all the things i tried to write down in the car on the way home from the office... it's funny. woke up this morning and got really mad at my mom because my face was so swollen and she didn't wake me up to put ice on my face at all during the night and plus it took her 20 minutes to get my pain medicine. ended up taking the medicine and went to sleep yet again. slept for most of the day and now i'm here, about to pass out again thanks to the pain medication. i just get all woozy and want to just close my eyes and go to dreamworld. i love narcotics and their effect on me. probably won't be at school on monday if i still am in pain. i will fall asleep in every class and plus i need that day to study for ap stats exam.

sorry if my edit is all rambles. i'm blaming it on the pain killers.

<3 you all.
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