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crazydimbohead (profile) wrote,
on 4-30-2004 at 9:27pm
Current mood: confused
Music: Daniel Beddingfield - If Youre Not The One
Subject: hi.
Guess what!?!?! Scott told Myranda that he misses me and to tell me he says hi.. when she told me that i was happy for the rest of the day.. because i had thought he forgot all about me.. he isnt coming down this summer, so no telling when the next time i will ever get to see or talk to him. it would be nice to talk to him again or hear from him.. hmm.. i need to get my mind off of him, i love kacey.. man.. nevermind.. i just dont know anymore.. i feel.. like i dont know nevermind.. i just wanted to say hello.. and i have to go because i cant think straight.. bye
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