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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2004 at 10:30am
Current mood: deliberating. i told 2? cant i tell the whole worl
Music: evanescence
i suppose i try too hard
to satsify all your pretty lies
and when i cry
i cry behind my eyes
my soul is ripped
and you won't take me
you shape, and make me
i wish this world was more accepting
to the time of people who walk the earth
the people like me who give love
a whole new meaning and birth
and i try to explain to those two who know
everything i do, everywhere i go
yet my best friends don't even know what i share
and i tell people who probably don't care
but they help me the most, they can't judge my past
i'm hoping this is a phase that'll end real fast
i heard of living life in the fast lane
is this phase worth all of it's pain
i can't do what i want to do
with who i want to be with
yet i have to seal my lips, and give THEM their kiss
yet i want to give someone else their kiss
god this world get's me so pissed
i suppose i should run away
to the depths of new york, they'll acept me there
they all fly the flag, and they don't care
oh well.

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