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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2004 at 6:17pm
full name: Kathryn Rene Meredith
Nicknames: Katie, Manitou, Octitou (sp?), StarTac, oh i'm sure there are others...
parent's names: James and Julia
d.o.b: November 5th, 1982
Place born: Crown Point, IN
sign: Scorpio
Eye color: Greyish-Blue
Hair color: Uhh...well now its a darkish brown (the dye was darker than planned, but its closer to the origional color then before)
Height: haha short...4'10" with shoes (yes that legally makes me a midget..)
shoe size: 7
school/work: Grand Valley State University and Uhell (ok ok Uhaul)
Righty/lefty: Righty
smoker/nonsmoker: non (used to but i won't...i swear)
Siblings: Brother Jason, Sister Amanda, and Sister-in-law Sarah..oh plus 45ish Active Sorority sisters
Car: 2000 Cavalier
Wear a watch?: no
Pets: dog shadow
How many people on ur buddylist: uhh 75 i think..not sure, i'm not home
relative you like the most: i'm not going to answer. that's horrible, i love all my relatives
Thing you canít stand the most: hmm...bitchy people who yell at you when your trying to help them...uhh...
least favorite house hold chore: cleaning

-=This Or That=-
Inside or outside: outside when its warm, but not too hot
Coffee or tea: both!!
Chocolate or white milk: both
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: A&W Root Beer
Sunshine or rain: Sun
Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla
Skiing or boarding: Skiing
Summer or winter: Summer
Day or night: either
Cake or pie: either
Love or lust: both (love with lust)
Silver or gold: Silver
Beach or lake: umm...beach on a lake
Country or city life: uh...probably city, but not a really big one
Diamond or pearl: well i am an AST so i love pearls, but if you look at me i'm always wearing both!!
Sunset or sunrise: hmm...both, but sunset over lake michigan is really pretty, especially up by Glen Arbor
TV or computer: oh holy crap computer

-=Have You Ever-
Been skinny dipping: nope
Watched a Daytime Soap Opera: hell yeah Passions and Days were the SHIT till it got all weird
Broke/sprained/fractured a bone: eh, probably sprained ankles but that's it.
Experienced love at first sight: i don't really believe in it, because you have to know the person before you love them. so lust at first sight would be better and the answer to that is probably, but nothing ever comes of it.
Been camping: hell yeah, i live in michigan
Skipped school: more college than high school
Been in a car accident: yup yup, stupid bitches...hitting your blinker...
Broken the law: of course, speeding, providing to minors, providing ciggeretts to minors (kristen ;) ), underage know the normal stuff
Smoked pot: nope, probably have gotten a contact high though, pretty sure my parents used to smoke it around us when we were little...maybe that's the reason why i am the way i am?
Loved someone so much it made you cry: family yes. jacob's birth, lindsey's birth, and just at the thought of some family members.
Been out of the country: Canada..but that doesn't really count.
-=Do You...=-
Sleep with stuffed animals: they are somewhere on the bed
Have any piercings: ears
Hate your familly: no. they are your family. they are all you have sometimes.
Make your bed: maybe once in a while after i've cleaned but it never sticks
Drink: yes
Cry during movies: yes, at sad and happy parts.
Go online everyday: yes of course...i get bored
Sing in the shower: hell yeah...french songs i learned in high school mostly...
Laugh so much you cry: yes
Like holidays: of course!!

Color: BLUE!!
Male singer: Dave Matthews or that one guy from Phantom of the Opera Michael something...
Female singer: Sarah Brightman is good...umm...yeah i dont' really know...
Band: eh, Dave Matthews Band or like Switchfoot or Marroon 5.
TV show: Friends (i get to watch the series Finale in a movie theater!! YAY!!!), American Idol, and others that i never see
Movie(s): yeah can't name them all...sorry
Book: Scarlett (sequal to Gone with the Wind)
Actress: hmm...there's a lot..
Actor: there's a lot...that jake g guy is HOT though...:)
Place: Glen Arbor, MI
Animal: duckies, or dogs
Holiday: christmas, its fun to see jacob and lindsey open presents.
CD:yeah there's a lot...i'm digging the switchfoot beautiful letdown right now though
Weekend activity: fav or what actually happens? fav is definatly sleeping or going somewhere and enjoying whatever season it is...actually happens is sleeping and working
Name a few of your really good friends: jennie b, kristen, loie, lynn, stacy m, mark (i think), weaver (i think, i hope)
Who is the loudest: jennie or lynn
Who is the quietest: uhh...none, i guess lo though
Who do you tell your dreams to: oh definatly jennie
Who have you known the longest: jennie
Who can you tell anything to and not be judged?: jennie
Who is the funniest: good god..weaver or mark maybe...but they all make me laugh like no other
-=Right Now=-
What song are you listening to (if any): commercials on radio at work
Are you going out with anyone: good god no...i don't actually think i want to right now either
What time is it: 6:45pm (15MIN LEFT!!! THANK GOD!!!!)
What was the last thing you ate:
What was the last movie you watched: geeze...i think it was something at home. not sure
What was the last thing you said outloud: bye
What is the weather like outside: uhh...cloudy, can't really see from my desk thing
When was the last time you laughed: uhh...with jake from 50 maybe
When was the last time you cried: uhh i'd say about an hour ago. yes at work...stupid uhaul...stupid phil (actually FUCKING BASTARD PIECE OF SHIT phil....yeah he's one of the main guys at uhaul...fucking dick...)
When was the last time you showered: this morning
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone: James Dewitt 14 foot customer waiting from today in Kalamazoo.... :(
How many windows are open on your computer: 6
Where is this computer located: in the Uhaul traffic office in Grand Rapids, MI
What did you do today: slept, showered, worked

-=What If... What Would You Do...=-
If you were given a free one way plane ticket, where would you fly to?: Europe definatly!!
If you were given a million dollars what would you spend it on?: school; get mom and dad, jason and sarah, and myself out of dept.
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