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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2004 at 3:23pm
Current mood: Lunchin'
Music: Saosin-7 Years
well last night i went to the movies with Gina and Jesse and Monica was going to go but idk what happened with her so ya..We went to watch Godsend at Calexico and we got there like freakin 40 minutes early so we were lunchin in the theater for like half an got pop corn..and she like ate it before the movie started and then i ate some the movie started and it was all freaky it was freakin awesome though..i liked it alot and then we just took off home and we justl lunched'. Next morning i got up and went to Yuma with my mom and bro and was pretty koo. we went to um millers and i got a koo belt and then we went to this kick ass One Dollar store and i got all kinds of koo stuff. then we ate at jack in the box. So now i am back here lunchin' at my house..jesse ditched he took off to Disney's hCalifornia Adventure ya..i think hes having here i am at going to try to write some songs so out
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