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-glassxroses- (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2004 at 12:04am
i feel as bad as i am acting. i threw up my breakfast in the bathroom of a pancake house this morning. my parents asked why id been wearing long sleeves, so they officially found out. marcone called me tonight. i have a cold. i am overweight. i am mean to everyone whether they do or do not deserve it. im a hypocrite-- telling people to love themselves when i am itching to leave my mind and body behind. i cry every night now. my parents want me back in therapy. my grades are all dropping. and i know that if i could just leave for one minute, everything would be ok. but i cant... so it is not ok. and im just letting everything slip farther and farther away from me. nothing like a heartache or two to break your cracked-glass evening.
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