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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2004 at 3:19pm
this weekend sucks.

i was talking to my mom yesterday, and she told me how my uncle ronnie sent her an email in all CAPS saying that memere needs me here in florida and instead of wasteing their money on plane tickets for me to visit them, they should send me money so i can have independence from memere.

i am completely take aback that my uncle would have the fucking nerve to EVER send anything like that to my mother. HIS LITTLE SISTER. what a fucker.

i told my grandmother about it, and she was stunned. or as stunned as you can be for her. all she said was i cant wait until you graduate.

she didnt mean that in a mean way. we suffer them together. because once i leave for college, shes moving. either to bonita with my other aunt and uncle, or to georgia near my...other aunt and uncle.

i dont know what is wrong with them lately, they are crazy. i mean. really, its seems that they are tacking all the bad shit they THOUGHT about my brother is sort of being pinned on me now.

my aunt called and freaked out and my grandmother because i didnt say thanks to her mother for something she got me.

i was planning on sending a card. they think i am some spoiled brat. well i have news for them: don not concentrate your parenting skills on ME, you have a spoiled rotten little BRAT for a daughter, focus on her.
i was raised right, i am almost an adult, while being 6 estefanie is not. i would watch out for her.

i am going to laugh so FUCKING hard when stef is 16 and they do not know what to do with her.

i feel like i am going to spontaineously combust. i am so upset and hot.

i need to go and paint, or i will be screwed.
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