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residentevilbrandy (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2004 at 4:12pm
Current mood: melancholy
Music: everytime-britney spears
Subject: Relaxation, Obsession....Everytime
I've had two days off from work,and it feels so good to relax!
Sometimes when I have the weekend off, it doesn't even feel like it.
My mother is in Gainsville for my brother's graduation for the weekend,so maybe that helps.(lol) I've been in this melancholy/sad/happy kinda mood lately. It's not a bad thing it just causes me to think a lot, and I just tend to enjoy every second of the day more I guess. Anyway..I am totally OBSESSED with Britney's new video..."Everytime". It's such a beautiful song (I'm listening to it right now actually) and such an awesome video. The fact that it has Stephen Dorf in it makes all the more better. I went out and bought last night too;)Seriously though I don't think a video has ever made me think as much as this one has,she really did a wonderful job with it. She truly is pretty darn awesome!( and beautiful too!)Moving on... I didn't go out @ all this weekend! By "out" I mean by myself like to a club or a bar or anything. I just chilled and relaxed. I REALLY need it. Honestly it makes me look forward to my week's vacation,that's coming up soon. LOL;)
Saturday..after sharing some smores oatmeal with Trenton, I lazed around in bed with the little guy all day until around dinner time,then we all went to Sweet Tomatoes, then to Best Buy where we spent nearly $200.00! I got a "hits" cd for work, and the Mario Winans CD, a Creatacard software pack, a free trial to Rhapsody because we bought some cd-rs for 12.99 for like 150 of them, and a dvd burner, and some computer paper too. Then I stopped by Publix for some milk and gatorade. The last stop we made yesterday was @ Hollywood Video because it was 4 for 20.00 movies
So..I got, house of the dead, gothika, and texas chainsaw massacre. Todd got stupid movies like S.W.A.T.,out of time, the hunted & something else we can't remember right now;)oh bad boys 2.... Today we woke up and went to the grocery store and got sweet tea, donuts, the newspaper,some snacks, bananas and cinnamon tortilla chips( Trenton really loves them apparently!) then I went to Einstein Bagels and got 3 choc. chip bagels, and 3 cinnamon sugar bagels...they are so yummy exp with the whipped cream cheese and honey butter i got to go with them! Also we stopped by Smoothie King and got smoothies and a cherry fruit leather snack for the baby. So that's what I've been doing all mom just came home! booooness lmao
I just was in this "I really need to make a "good" journal entry" kinda mood. I am.;)
This has turned into one long ass post,which I hope people read for once.
doot da doot...there is sooooo...much more I wanted to talk about.
Like My-So-Called Life, hot guys, and my dreams lately which have been so vivid and real that it's fucking crazy! I will try and do that tomorrow though, or @ least on my next day off which is Wednesday.
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