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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2004 at 7:46pm
Well, this has been a nice weekend. Kailey's party got better after a while, and I came home and watched Kill Bill, which was excellent in its campiness.

Yesterday I shopped for shorts, picked up the latest issue of SPIN and Entertainment weekly (2nd isn't a usual... but it was the summer movie preview issue w/ lots of movies that i felt like getting.)

Did you know Kurt Cobain lifted the signature "Smells like Teen Spirit" riff from Boston's "More than a Feeling"???

I went to the awards for the art show in Montague. I won nothing, but there was some sweet stuff in the high school and adult divisions. Snaps to all of them.

Lynn at Ruth Ann's said she'd like me as kind of a semi-manager of the outdoor affairs (i.e. Camp Store) at Ruth Anns, and come up with a business plan and improvements to justify the keeping of the camp store. Woohu.

I'll finish this up later. Got to go eat.
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