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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2004 at 1:55pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: Wicked
And the Stress builds long has it been since I've updated?

Most likely a long time. So much crap has been happening this last week I dont' even know where to start.

But I suppose I'll start with Tuesday. We had no classes on Wed. so on a spontanious notion me, Daniel, Jeremy, and Bryan all traveled two hours to Gwinnett just to go to Trivia Tuesday at Jillian's. We met up with Melissa, Nick and Sam and guess what.....wait for it...wait for it... weee won!!! wooooo! It was so exciting. We stayed around and played games until midnight. Then we all traveled back to Carrollton. That was one of the funnies car trips I've ever ever taken. It was all much fun. We got back to Carrollton at 2:30 in the morning...woo wild times.

Thursday I had my vocal jury...probably the most important thing that I do during final times. A lot of stuff depends on this sucker. I was so freaked out because I had comletly bombed at my studio class (that's the thing you do with your voice teacher before's like a mock jury almost.) But I went in there just thinking "I'm just gonna have a good time...screw everything else." And what do you know....I did pretty darn well. I even had to do a happy dance afterwards I did so well. It was beautiful, and then Sam came and took me home.

Friday...we didn't go to see Anthem....I was sad. We went to Berkmar's Spring Concert instead. Pretty good stuff. I miss it tons. (Note: Berkmar is my Alma Mater.)

Saturday I did some crap...hung out with Sam and Melissa. We saw a creepy movie and then got lost and then almost got shot by creepy was freaky.

Sunday Sam and I went to Melissa's studio, but we got lost so we were super late. After that Sam, Melissa, and I went to Jillian's to eat and hang out with Brent. He was kinda not too happy...which is understandable...since he hadn't eaten a meal since Friday. Things were throw, people were yelled at. I got mood swingy and made Sam take me home.

I have two more finals and then it's all over. Then I pack up and I go back home for the summer.

It's so close.

Then I'll be back to normal.

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