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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2004 at 7:33pm
Subject: quiet
When a change occurs in you,
it is not something you can prove;
something you can shout aloud if you choose so, yes.
because sometimes you are the only one who knows about it... yet it's so grand that you want to share it.. but unless others see it, there can be no way that they can possibly fully understand..
something you cannot convince them of with your words.
and i'm not saying that this is being said for anyone else, but just applying to me

and to be more straightforward:
yesterday, i experienced slight change.
and when i say slight, i mean slight. big for me, but slight in the eyes of others in the sense that i don't expect anyone to recognize it, anyone to know or ask about it.

i will not go and convince you, but rather just continue to live my life; to desire more change, and much much more rain.

to explain a little bit more for you, as a praise report..
there is a tentative, newfound quietness within my spirit, and moreso in my mind.

where i have been used to, and have come to expect accusations in my mind to be there throughout the day - as i prepared myself for them ... i found that there was none. there were no more.
many will not understand this, and others will lift up their eyes and smile, for this is something to thank God for answering me in.

i realize there is much to explain, and yet find that i can't do so, at least not yet, because there is a while to go.

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