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crazydimbohead (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2004 at 11:41am
Current mood: aggravated
Music: none, but i need some
Subject: blah
today has been a bad day already, i have found out something. i never wanted to find out about me. well i dont know if its true, its just i think. and i dont know. i just nevermind. i have only told one person about this. and i hope and pray to god [if there is one] that she doesnt tell a single soul. im gonna try and forget about it, and hope that it isnt true. i have been such an ass to kacey today i think. at the pep rally me and whitey were talking and laughing. but me and kacey werent, we hardly talked at all. and him and john were talking, so i was like okay, ill talk to whitey.. and yeah.. lol. my back is soooo soar. well, my whole body is soar. it sux. we have alot of time left in this class, damn it. whoa, i just got a cold chill. thats weird, because its freakin hot in here. at the pep rally i took whiteys permenent marker and wrote IM GAY on his arm.. lol it was funny. today i get to go to kaceys house right after school, thank god i dont have to go home. i dont wanna go home, its boring. and i have a feeling im probably going to get introuble because im already short tempered today, and when i go home its gonna be hell. im gonna get yelled at and everything. last night i about got introuble because chad got me some nasty shit from sonic, he knows i never have gotten cheesy tots or whatever they are called.. their fuckin gross.. lol well not that gross. but still. but i gave him the dirtyest look ever [donno how to spell] when he handed them to me. anyways. i dont know what more to say. man, i need to send two dollars. i just read about it. see i read about how people need to send two dollars and all that shit. but i never knew what they were talking about. but now im like, OH! maybe if i read things you know. well i need to go, we have like 5 mins left or something like that. bye. i love kacey forever and always.
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