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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2004 at 7:22pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: mae - summertime
what a weird day. didn't sleep well, ended up waking up at 7:30. thought i would take the time to study but instead did much of nothing. got ready and my dad drove me to school. spent hardly anytime in government which is always a good thing. i love how stupid mr.epstein is. "they start pulling them at this age?!"..."you got them pulled today?!" went to spanish for the good hour i would spend there watching pirates of the caribbean. could've stayed there though longer and watched the rest of it, wouldn't have mind that at all. the sub was sitting behind me and he kept giggling softly. it was cute since he was an old man. left that class and went to my locker and met up with my favorite chub. went to lunch and ate a donut thanks to pretam, and got many hugs and "i missed you so much" from ashley. after that we traveled to the library. made a stop at the girls' bathroom, which carlos decided he wanted to enter and go in a stall. logan told some black girls that a boy was in a stall and they got all freaked out. lol. waited outside the media center for a 1/2 an hour. no big deal. i think me and jessica will be the only ones who will ever truly understand jose and his greatness.

liz: name the top five places you would be if you could be any other place right now

me: cancun, home, california, in bed, beach

shortly after that convo we went into hell. it took so long to get started. i swear, i think people are retarded, it's not that hard to fill in bubbles. we didn't get done until 4:30. that test was what i expected hard. after doing what i could on the short answer i just left.

so on the way home i realize that i don't have my key and i find that my brother isn't home. joy for me. i figured that i was not going to waste an hour sitting in my backyard. i simply took off my jeans and shirt and went swimming. about 5 minutes into swimming around, i realize that there are people cutting the hedge in the backyard. i ran out of the pool so fast. no way was i letting some guatemalan see me half naked. boy did i have fun though. just jumping in my pool like a little kid. i'm going to have fun this summer. no matter what. and i'm going to bring a boy over to my house and we are going to go swimming just like how i always wanted.

thats it. have a nice night. see ya next time.

i have too much fun by myself, yet i am still lonely. i should be shot.
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