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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2004 at 9:29pm
Current mood: eh... :(
Music: You Got it Bad || Usher
Subject: When he's all you're thinkin' about
Today was bleh, not good, like always.

2nd and 3rd period we had a Hollocaust speaker come and talk to us. That was pretty cool and very interesting. She was in one of the ghettos in Poland during the war. She went into hiding and survived to tell her story.

I sat next to Omar and he kept poking my leg lol so i was pulling his leg hairs. Then he drew a moustache on Landon Donovan. :rawr: For those of you who dont know Landon Donovan is an extremely sexy beast. Im not even kidding. :drools: He's hot, and hes an awesome soccer player, and he wears my number. :D #10 rocks.

Anyways....i got Armando's sn from Bryan. It took me 20 minutes to get up the courage to IM him and just say hi. Hes been idle for like an hour and a half so he never wrote back. >.< Heres whats on his profile:

"hey yo wut up , this is armandizo from mayfair high. i currently play soccer, but once i stop having a gf im gonna start to play soccer and girls. if you're a female and feel like talking to me check me out"

Bleh, once he stops having a gf? What does that supposed to mean? And hes gonna start playing soccer...and girls? Oh wait, hes already done that. Fucking bastard. >.<

His sn is something like Amandizo. In his profile he says his name is "Armandizo. Bleh, Amandizo looks suspiciously close to my name. Why didn't he put the 'r' in his sn? Psh, im probably just being stupid. @.@

I dont know why i love him, but i do. Psh...

I have practice tonight so im going to go get ready. Hmpf.

I hate boys. >.<

<\3 Amanda

You mean nothing everything to me.

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