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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2004 at 7:25am
Current mood: scared shitless
Music: Evanescence - Going Under
Subject: there were some good tests...then there was a bad dream...
you are extremely attached to him. he seems to be
fond of you too! thats great!

The First Meeting (Lestat series)
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Lestat loves you and will never leave you. now you
gotta save the world great huh?

Memories (Lestat Series) #2
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Wow......You really know your're evanescence!I bet
you have the cd and no matter how many times
you listen to it.......You never get tired of
it! Rock On!

Evanessence Lyrics..........Fallen
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well no shit huh?

You're totally addicted! By the results of this
quiz, you're probably chalk white, and allergic
to the sun and fresh air!

Are you Addicted to the Internet?
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actually that sounds like joey's discription, & he's never

woah, he is like so totally the one he undertsands
you loves you for who you are and everyhting
you must feel pretty lucky :)

Is He the One?
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hardcore goth doll
hardcore gothdoll

what GothDoll pic r u? (girlz)
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i had the wierdest dream...(by the way all the tests were done when i last wrote but i fell asleep finally)...

i had a dream that..i was at joey's house, but it was like 3 stories high...(creepy for me cuz i'm afraid of heights)...& i was there w/ my computer i guess & it wouldn't shut off, instead it would just play music videos...then i look at my old cell phone & it's doing the same damn thing...& i'm thinking *damn my dad is gonna kill me cuz i'll waste money on this shit* then i figure shut off both the things & we'll be fine...but they wouldn't shut off that was the problem...then the tv did the same thing...& now i'm starting to freak out...& i guess it was round time for rosa's wedding & we're supposed to have like a lunch thing so i'm really stressed out...then nana poured what she thought was diet coke but it was really root beer, so she started to complain that "it's not my damn soda" i went to trade her & she tipped it over & spilt it all over rosa's mother-in-law so i got pist & left, then i heard them saying "i'm sorry bout that, & i apoligize for her"...that made me mad...then i felt like there was a meet so i went to the parking lot of big john's to get picked up i guess by the team early in the morning & there was a swingset there so i was there...then i saw the strong's but they didnt' say anything to me bout a meet & just left me i figured i'd get back home & *poof* there was my trucky i get in & on my dash board i see music videos just like on my computer & cell i went to joey's quickly cuz i'm freaking out...then i get there & it seems like he doesn't care so i'm like fuck it i'll just kick it here...& i guess his house was across from the middle school cuz it was there & next door they were working on a new house i guess...well my phone started ringing & annoying me so i was gonna throw it but then i realized that there was a suction cup thingy on it...& then i looked on my computer & realized that the same thing was on my trucky trucky...& i dunno how i figured, but it was a bomb...FK! i'm freaking out & telling joey & lorenzo was there all of a sudden & so was then they didnt' do anything so i freaked & said fk it, went to school, where i saw the same thing happening to me to everyone else, but it was i called danny & told him the situation & he said he'd meet me at the band room & before i got there i had a bad feeling that the band room would look i go in his car & as we're pulling up i started to tell him bout the band room thing & right when we park i notice that it looks how i unfortunetly imagined (i dunno why it was bad though)...then i was gonna get a drink of water in the band room & some ppl were around the boys i look & i dunno what i saw or anything but next thing i know i'm in cox's class as a student & he got upset w/ my presence so he sends me out & he was fking red as hell he looked so mad, so i went back to the band room & macon was kinda mad i guess i didn't stay long enough to find out...i had danny take me to joey's & we went up & joey was just *eh* whatever, & all of a sudden joey was asking if i wanted to do it & i was mad cuz i wanted to get to the bottom of he spreads out & starts beating it...but scarey as hell danny does the same thing...but he's kinda laying near him! i left & i hear them like they're going at it...& when i was walking out to the hallway i noticed joey's dad walking towards the door...& i wanted to stall him but then i decided that if they weren't helping me, they'd get what they deserve...& when he went in i saw adrian walk out looking ashamed...then danny came out putting his t-shirt back on talking to joey...that's when i found out that the suction cups from earlier were like bombs from the construction workers working next door so i went to save mine off my truck but i ended up walking on the street to find that one of the girls who's pregnant at school was gonna be in labor...then joey made fun of her so i hit him & ran up to his house to get rid of all those bombs...i'm halfways successful then i guess the window was open & the workers saw what i was doing so they had more put in by little robot like i was having tony, darryl, frankie, danny, & joey trying to help me get rid of these things...frankie & darryl wanted to help but somehow died or something...joey & danny...i'm not sure & i don't think i want to know...& tony was just watching me as i was trying to save everyone & when i got one away but not far away enough he kicked it back into the house & locked the window from the far as i know, i think we all died...

i was so scared i couldn't go back to sleep...shit...

*ugh* i've got the chills now & i'm not gonna be comfortable at school later...
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