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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2004 at 7:29pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Dont Leave Me || All-American Regects
Subject: A tear for everything that i did wrong
I was talking to Jimi last night at practice and i told her about me IMing Armando and his profile and stuff. She has Armando's girlfriend, Julie, in her second period. Jimbo and i were kinda talking in code, sorta, basically we weren't mentioning names because Melissa was there. I love her and everything but i dont feel right talking to her about Armando. So yea, Jimi was talking to Julie yesterday and somehow she know that theres "someone else in his life." Wink, wink, nudge, nudge ; basically she knows about me. haha, good. She should know about me because im not going anywhere. Monique told whomever she was going to tell, to tell Armando that i still like him. XD she told Bryan too, not like he doesn't already know or anything. lol. Hah stupid Erik i first period was all "So did you start a conversation with him yet?" I was like "hah, no." Then he said he was going to lock us in a room together until we talked. XD You do that then. I t might do us some good. lol. Oh my gosh, then in second Erik goes "Hey Armando you know my friend Amanda?" and "Hey Amanda, are you gonna talk to Armando?" Geebus. Then Daniel in his little trying to sound like me voice goes, "Hey Armando, my names Amanda." lol. Stupid, Armando didn't even look at me. >.< WHY? He just sat there and basically laughed at Erik and Daniel. Yep thats me, ignored again. Well, maybe once whoever tells him i still like him, he'll talk to me. I dont know how he hasn't gotten the hint already. >.< I only stare at him everytime i see him. :shrugs: And if, after being told i still like him, he still doesn't talk to me, the only thing there is really left to do is to walk up to him and talk to him myself. :/

Even though you left me by myself, do i want you back? Will you stay or will you walk? Will you let go? Leave me all alone. im giving you one more chance to make things last.

I hate love you.

Haha yesterday Jimi and i wore skirts to school and i was walking with her and Joana to the locker room at lunch and Jimi lifted up the back of my skirt. XD and she showed half the world my ass. haha no i dont think anybody saw, well, except Jimi and Jo. Omg lol good thing Armando wasn't where he usually hangs out because he would have seen my right ass cheek lol. XD lmao i would have been so embarassed and probably would have killed Jimi. lol.

Lmao my hair is so tangled. Jo and i were sitting over by the guys stuff and watching them practice. I was laying on my stomach and she was sitting on my butt. XD then that silly JoBo gave me sex hair. lol what exactly is 'sex hair' you might ask? Well its when you mess up and tangle someones hair as much as possible while scratching their head. lol it actually feels really good except for the end result isn't too fun to untangle. haha then Leslie and i gave Joana sex hair. Woo, it was mighty fun. :D

Ring around the roses then she'll say. Leave me once. Leave me twice. Kiss good-bye that will suffice. When you go away dont look back. Leave me once and ill be fine. leave my twice, ill make you mine. Just one more chance to make it once again.

I failed my spanish test. Yay, go me.

Me: What would you do if i had no head?
Jimi: I'd rape you and pretend i was a guy.
Me: Ya better not Jimbo, i might just like it.
....lmfao that was too funny. XD

I've come to the conclusion that Denise, krysi and Melissa are sheep. Where one goes, the other two follow. For instance, all three of them didn't practice today. Krysi's excuse was "my heart is broken because its cinco de mayo and im not mexican." Bullshit. Melissa's excuse was "my mom said i cant practice in this heat." Bullshit, it wasn't even hot today. Denise didn't have an excuse, she admitted it. But i think she didn't practice because she's a sheep. Therefore, its bullshit. So now when they follow eachother i 'baa' at them like a sheep. Wow, im so nice.

Happy cinco de mayo! Im mexican now because Joana adopted me. Yes now i get to partaaay. lol.

Adios amigos.

<\3 Manderoo

I am asking why did you leave. You left me alone and then you walked out on me. Thinking of days, thinking of ways, thinking of things to you that i should say. I wanna be with you and thats the only way. Dont say good-bye.

I love Jimbo-Limbo :D
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