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Vampiresshollymarie (profile) wrote,
on 5-6-2004 at 11:57am
Subject: story
The Only Chance In My Lifetime

When I was sixteen I had the chance of a lifetime. I had a chance to board the White Star Line’s RMS Titanic, the Ship of Dreams. My parents were rich enough to afford a first class suite, so to flaunt their wealth they purchased three first class tickets. I didn’t want to go to America but I had no choice because my father wouldn’t budge once he made up his mind on something.
I woke up around five in the morning on April 10, the day we were to set sail, to my mother having a fit.
“Holly! Wake up! Why didn’t you finish packing last night?” She turned on my lights and shook me awake. I opened my eyes to see Ms. Johansen, out maid fluttering about my room packing things from my drawers. I rolled my eyes and sighed.
“I did…” I muttered. No one heard me. I knew Mother would think that what I packed wouldn’t be enough. I stood up and put on my robe as Mother took out a fancy dress from my closet.
“Come on, put this on!” she ushered. I took the dress and wrinkled my nose. “What? You don’t like it?”
“Won’t I be a little over dressed for going on a ship?” I asked as I slipped into the dress.
“Not for a first class passenger you won’t, besides, we have the money to dress like this so why can’t we?” she said all in one breath. I sighed again as Ms. Johansen started brushing through my waist long silver hair. I looked at myself in my vanity mirror. This couldn’t be me.

At exactly eleven o’clock we boarded the RMS Titanic and found our rooms. I had my own room that was connected to a private drawing room. It all seemed too big and unnecessary for about a week on the North Atlantic. I pointed this out to one of the younger crewmembers that had helped bring in my suitcases.
“Well it seems you’ve packed enough,” he said. I laughed.
“I didn’t pack this, if it were up to me I would have left half of this home!” I gestured to my five large suitcases that were being put away by the maids. I had tried to help earlier, but Mother yelled at me, saying that’s they only thing that these people were good for.
“I’m sure,” he laughed.
“No, really, I didn’t pack all this. I have a feeling I’ll only need about one fourth of what was brought. By the way, I’m Holly Anders.”
“Rick Barton, a pleasure to meet you Miss Anders.”
“Call me Holly, I hate sounding older than I really am.” He nodded and left. I looked around my room once more; it was fancier than my room at home.
“Holly!” I jumped and turned to see my best friend from school Kristina Melrose standing in my doorway. “I saw your parents on deck and they told me I could find you here!” we hugged.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Mum and I are going second class to America, Dad has been there a while and we’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to come along.”
“So you’ll be staying in America then?” I asked.
“I guess so,” she shrugged.
“This is so unfair. If you ask me this ship is going to bring nothing but misery.” I said.
“What makes you think that?” she asked quickly.
“Nothing good can come of this ship, its done nothing but ruin my life so far, what makes you think that it will stop once it sets sail?”
“Oh come on Holly, you are on a piece of history! This ship will be in the books our children’s children will be learning from!” Kris insisted.
“Maybe,” the truth was, I had been having dreams ever since we bought our tickets. Images of dead bodies in water and screaming filled my head at night. I would wake up almost every night in a cold sweat, crying because of the things my head made me see. I thought I was going insane.
“C’mon, lets go wave farewell!” Kris grabbed my hand and dragged me out on deck. It was one minute to noon.
“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.” The man next to me uttered under his breath, the ship started moving. People around me waved vigorously to the people in the crowded street.
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