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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 5-6-2004 at 7:19pm
Music: dashboard
Subject: ah
well I made the play at my high school its for next fall. its little shop of horrors. quite fun. I wish I could make the play little shop of whores and then quite a few people I know could be the main part. speaking of main parts for any of you out there who are majiorly obsessed with this play then you will understand what I mean when I say that I have ronette. and for all of you that dont know its basicly 1 of 3 girls who sing throught the hole sing like in babe (a dysney movie about a pig) its like the 3 mice that sing through the hole thing, anywho so Im quite excited. my sister got audrey. the close to main girl. the 3 girls are on stage singing mostly the whole time. and I completely skrewed up my lines for audrey during the try outs and I thought I did really well on the ones for the 3 girls (I dont know the othes names....anywho. then after I found out all of this I was very very happy. and then I went to a soccer meeeitng for the girls soccer team next year and I found out that conditioning will be alot more grueling that I thought. I will have to condition for conditioning. ugh. anywoh. Im willing to do it though. Im mighty exited. but Ive got a crap load f homework and projects to do so I love you and thank you for reading.....Ive decided I hate caps locl they need to take that button off of the key board. again thanks for reading.
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