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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2004 at 9:20am
i am having some nervousness about the wedding... today we are going to talk to my lawyer friend about a pre-nup... not exactly what i wanted to do but to please mikey... so i start at applebees on monday, woohoo, <-- sarcastically said. i don't know, it is a job and it will pay the bills and hey, ya never know, i may love it completely and end up staying there for years... but, red really isn't my color... anyways, yesterday at jody's, i had to peel 25 HEADS of garlic, (not 25 cloves which would have been bad enough but the whole freeking head... 25 of 'em!) oh well, all i smell is garlic, my hands, hair, skin, clothes... i think my pillow is probably going to smell like it now... ewww yuck! i scrubbed and washed and used lemons, and that orange clean stuff and i can still smell it! i guess that is just a minor con to working in an italian restaurant. (well that and serving mobsters...)
ok, i am going to go outside now and get more yard work done... =P yeah, it is going to suck, i know!
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