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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2004 at 9:08pm
Current mood: disappointed
~*oh soooooo busy!!!!! well lemme just give you a jist of what's up....i had a chorus competition this morn and we competed in classical and show...our show sucked...we prolly didn't even place, and i'll let you know later if we did...we find out tomorrow
mom and dad went up there this past weekend (fri-tues) for john raths wedding...they came back and told me all about cheryl and davi and brian...jules...i started crying b/c i remembered how close brian and i were and i miss him...weird i asked dad to call john after his honeymoon to get the house # so i can call brian up later...i can't beleive i miss him....weird....
anyways...i graduate in 3 weeks! i'm sooo excited.
um....that's pretty much mcbroom has just been running us like crazy that's all. i miss you tho and i find myself thinking of you often. i love you. ttyl*~
love always,
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