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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2004 at 4:15am
Current mood: tired
Music: FiNCH!!!! <33xinfinity.
Wow lol. I just got off the phone with Armando. We talked for 2 hours lol. Right now, my hopes are so high that i pray he doesn't send them crashing down. I like him so much, and god, do i miss him. XD yesterday i talked to him on the phone for like an hour and he called me Armanda on accident. lol we were cracking up. It was funny because it just came out of no where. haha then today i was walking with Joana after school out to the feild and she goes "Hey Armando, c'mon over here so we can give you sex hair." lol then he said he was gonna tie me down to a chair at lunch and do it to me. haha i was like "You'll have to catch me first." XD. Im gonna get him on Monday at lunch. We usually all go into/outside Mr. Irving's room and he's usually on the computer closest to the door. haha and when he least expects it im gonna come up behind him and give him sex hair. YES! lol its an awesome plan. :evil laugh: ...and then he doesn't have practice on Monday so he'll have to sit through 6th period in Coach Headley's room with his gorgeous sex hair. Yes, lol this is gonna be fun. Anyways...

I'm sorry, but red's my color now
guess you got to me somehow
this mistake is breaking me,
she said.

Tonight i was gonna go to the carnival over at Mayfair Park but i decided not to. Omar and Miguel were the ones who invited me. Not Krysi or Melissa, so i was like whatever im not going. They didn't even call me or anything to see if i was going, Miguel called me. Psh, im glad i didn't go. It was just Miguel, Omar, Krysi, Denise, Melissa, the girl, Nikki[the bitch], and Nikki's little brother. I hate Nikki with a passion. :growl: So im kinda good i didn't go. I guess Melissa called Armando to see if he could go and he told her he couldn't because he had homework. lol i think that was just an excuse. I've told Melissa that Armando and i are talking again. :shrugs: Whatever, she still flirts with him right in front of me. But i hope she's jealous because she asked me how long i talked to him for and i was like an hour and a half on Thursday. Woo lol she was like "Holy man." :D. I told her he was staying after to teach me how to bend the ball too. Hopefully that'll happen sometime next week. We were supposed to stay today but he got in trouble last night and his mom wouldn't let him stay. lol o well. Then he said if he could stay what if we couldn't get a ball out of the bin. He had this great idea that we'd condition. XD i was like "Heck no, im not conditioning." lol he said we were gonna run 5 greens. @.@ Yeah right. He said we'd run them slow and on the last one if i couldn't make it he'd carry me. XD. lol, that could get interesting. haha man, then today i was talking to him and my cat was laying on my stomach and he goes "Oh you must be comfortable." XD then he goes "Actually you are comfortable, well from what i remember." haha it seems like he likes me but iono. He's still with that she-man, Julie. rofl. Hopefully that wont last for long. XD. haha and you know how i was freaking out about his profile thing? lmao Miguel wrote that on there he didn't. lol i feel so stupid.

Today is just like all the others
I'm not alright i've cried my last tears
I'm bleeding out my pain as you scream at me

lmao....i just realized that this entry is back to Armando. Notice when i ended that first paragraph ^ it was supposed to start a new topic. lol. Whatever...

I failed my algebra test, but i still have a B in that class. Yeesh.

<3ish Armanda....XD lol.

x[Inside Joke]x Yellow is not an ugly is! lol.

You've got me waiting by myself
I never wanted more than this
What will it take to get the truth
I'm on my knees
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