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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2004 at 9:03am
Current mood: exanimate
Subject: Why do I have so much trouble staying awake during a movie?
After having to mow the lawn furiously last night to beat the rain, dad and I went to Family Video and picked up Master & Commander. I had seen it already, but I wanted to watch it again; yet, I slept through 2/3 of the movie. Why is it so hard for me to rent a movie and stay awake?

Today I hope the rain stays on so I can avoid some outdoor chores. I need to return some stuff to the store, and I have a few bucks to spend while I'm there or to go see a movie (nothing beats a movie on a rainy saturday. Well, besides Hockey Playoffs.)

Listen to "12:51" by the Strokes. Sweet song.
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