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justanotherface (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2004 at 12:02am
Current mood: aggravated
Okay, so I'm home. I spent one week with my dads girlfriend. Don't get me wrong I like her and all and shes a really cool person, she is just soo loud and in your face with everything she does. Its like if you spend too much time in her presence you get nervous and I don't really like that feeling, but hey whatever right. Yeah, I spent the whole time either in the hospital or watching kids, oh joy that was soo much fun Her oldest son Dillian, my stepbrother is a freak. Hes like nine and hes already tried killing himself, he pounds his head into the grounds at school, tries to shove forks into his throat, told the teachers that he wanted to pour sugar down his throat and then slit his throat (the next night Mickey found the bucher knife under his bed) hes, told teachers that his dad and his mom would shoot him and chop him into little pieces when he got home. I don't know he was also molested when he was 4 or 5 so now he will go around and try to hump things thinking its funny, or thats what he is supposed to do. He doesn't listen, he has sever ADHD, and just makes me nervous. I don't like talking to him or being around him, he says the same things over and over again, and has no idea what he is talking about, never excepts anything he does, something is always someone elses fault. I don't know I just don't like him. Then theres Gavin, hes huge. He isn't even 2 yet and already wieghs like 40 some odd pounds. Yeah he has a seisure things where he'll have them and its scary. Sometimes he'll just go limp with his eyes in the back of his head and just lay there or others his eyes will roll and and he'll start shaking, its scary to see that or even just hear about it ya know, Its not really something you wanna hear. Then for my father, ugh, hes such a drama queen. Okay hes diabetic and they have to watch their feet due to poor circulation, and he had an ulcer and was going to the foot doctor tiwce a week. Well he was fine monday then he went back friday and the infection spread so bad that they said that he had to have it ambutated. Yeahs its nasty, hes also on dialysis for a year before he can get a transplant because the doctors want to see a "lifestyle change commitment" or some shit like that. Other than that hes just REALLY sick. Being up there drove me insane. There was so much fuckin drama. The first night this chick came cry saying she was scared cuz her ex threatend her, and her kids and then beat her up and pushed her down the stairs, needless to say she left the house with this big gun thing and was told to beat him over the head with it if he came back. The next night Mickey had to go get her kids cuz the chick flipped out and cut her arms and legs really bad and she didn't want her kids to see that. Then I was taken to a crack house where this angry black lady screamed at everyone. OoO was she tweaking, she had been up for at least a couple days. Then there was all the shit with my cousin Sonny. Got to go see him, I swear him and his hoe of a girlfriend, whom I didn't see because she was "sick", had been up for at least a week. Hes in a dope debt to the Mexican mofia for over a grand. The head guy is actually coming up from Cali to "get his money". Then Mickey lent her car out to her friend Balls and he was supposed to bring it back and he didn't and its at Sonny's. So now basically shes not going to get it back cuz those other people are going to take it and gut it for the money Sonny owes them. Then we went to see my cousin Jenifer she is such a sweetie. Theres nothing bad to say about her, So we visited with her my cousin Anna and Shelby. Vincent wasnt there he was out playing. Then it was back to the hospital where my dad grabbed me and then wouldn't let me go. My grams cried cuz she had told him not to force himself on bitch your the one that made me go in the first place, whatever. Then it was back to the house to deal with the other grandma... Mickeys mom shes an over controlling lesbian and her nieghbor is really nice but looks dirty, shes a lesbian too. Oh gee the fun times. Then there were the people across the street. They were cool, when I could get away I would hang out with Jacob, and that wasnt often but it was still better than being there. I don't know I just don't want to go back too much drama too much shit. I like it quite and simple, not in a crack house.
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