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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2004 at 1:50pm
Current mood: kinda busy i guess
Music: Evanescence - Going Under
Subject: i'm gonna be like this for the rest of the year, crying that it's almost over...
well i had the spaghetti dinner last night & the concert there sucked...we ate it so bad, our band deserves to get shot in the don't think macon was very happy w/ us, but then again lately we haven't been with him so the feelings are mutual...

i went to see mean girls later last night, & damn i guess that's how ppl percieve women...bitches...damn, we're vicious, but that's coo i works for us :) ...i saw david munoz there w/ his fiance & damn it was good to see him...i was thinking bout him earlier that day cuz denisse, rosa, & i were looking through my 7th grade year book to show rosa who a girl in my class looked like...damn...

i'm not ready to leave yet..."i've got to breath, i can't keep going under..." yeah

i'm waiting for my dad to get back from work cuz i need to get all my prom accesories from flames & price center today...i'd rather do it tomorrow now, but better sooner cuz then i'll just whimp out & say "i'm tired i'll do it later" & it'll never get of my life...

my journal is saved later...
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