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nymphofdarkness777 (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2004 at 6:52am
Current mood: a little dark
Music: whirs....
Subject: 'a pause'
this was a good weekend..kind of.
i went to marilus on friday, after iss. it was fun.. blowing up lighters, not finishing agame of strip one controller jump rope, jacking eyeliner and candy, going inside unfinished houses, getting farted on. what a fun day. lol. saturday i saw van hellsing, the ending sucked.. i was kind of expecting james earl jones pop out as mufasa and say "simba.. "
lol. but no that chick's face had to pop out of the clouds and make my sister and i scoff,lol.
i also went barnes&noble. i saw many hot gus there. I also saw yoshi with carlos, i had a feeling she might show up. my sister talked this hot guy with a "squee" comic. yea. and so we talked to him and yoshi gave him a gum wrapper, lol, how mean. and the music cashier guy was so kickass and hot. it was fun. ;)
but i feel like tomorrow is going to get depressing and its going to get very depressing very fast. thats unless someone and something somehow happens.. i know that one person will change everything by doing that one thing that makes me feel happi.... i I'm not going to say who. because if i do, i'll start to feel bad, knowing that my secret has been -a- solved.
i dont think im going to any concerts this summer especially lollapalooza, its going to suck this year. but i really wanted to go to the the 'a perfect circle' concert , also to 'incubus's concert... aww. but hey i saw incubus at lollapalooza..but not a perfect circle..dammit.. hmph. im getting tired now. **bloop** **smack** **kaboom**
my cool sound f/xs.
well im off..
love peace and chicken grease,
im not chester or black.. i'm.. SUPER BLAcK CHESTER, lol.. j/k
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