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Br0kenxstar (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2004 at 2:31am
Current mood: happy
Subject: You think im doing fine, its easier to believe a lie.
:D Weeee...i finally got enough courage to to him i like him. lol. And i think he gave me kind of a good response eh? Yes i think so. He convinced me to let him read my poems too. I dont know if thats such a good idea but hey they're all about him, well most of them, so maybe it is a good idea. If i cant tell him verbally maybe i can tell him how i feel in a written way. It could work. lol awww and he wanted to spend more time with me? :D I was seriously blushing. My cheeks were all hot. Man, i like him A LOT....our convo follows:

armando: hi
me: whatcha doin?
armando: nothin, chillin at the holidae iiiinnnnnn!
me: lmao riiight!
armando: you?
me: um nothing really just watchin tv
me: ...sorta lol
armando: suure!
me: yup
armando: how was your day?
me: it was okie dokie
me: urs?
armando: okie dokie too , i guess.
me: oh how come you guess?
armando: i dunno
me: i see
me: what did ya do today?
armando: i went to my cusins
armando: thats about it
me: cooio
me: coolio* lol
armando: are u there
me: am i where? lol
armando: oo there you are
me: haha i never left
armando: riight!
me: no im serious i was sittin' right here the whole time
armando: w/e!
me: no not w/e! lol
armando: j/k!
me: suuure
me: oh im calm
armando: good
me: haha yup yup
armando: what do you have planned for tomorrow
me: um breakfast with my mom and grandma in the morning for mother's day, then maybe goin' to the mall...but i dont know what else
me: you?
armando: nice
armando: well, i'll have to get up early to cook breakfast for my mom and then jump in the showerto go to my game and after my game we're gonna take my mom to lunch
me: ah sounds fun
armando: i'm nervouse about making breakfast
armando: i think i'm gonna over cook it
me: aww lol
me: i cant cook
me: well i can, sorta
me: holy man, okay back
armando: cool
me: lol niiice info
armando: holy maan
armando: i didn't write it
me: lol i know you told me
armando: i'm gonna delete it later on
me: suure
armando: sorry i got kicked off
me: its alright
me: brb
me: okie...back
me: hey guess what?
armando: chicken butt!
me: no!
armando: j/k
armando: what
me: my eye hurts XD
armando: aawww!
me: im serious
me: so whatcha up to?
armando: not much and you?
me: the same
armando: where's you r sis at?
me: she asleep...thank god lol
armando: how mean]
me: no....shes mean lol
armando: no you're mean
me: hey hey
me: no i am not
armando: wow calm down
armando: i was j/k
me: lol i know so was i
armando: oh good
armando: you got me scared therer for a sec.
armando: there*
me: haha
armando: aawww. how mean
me: rawr
armando: oh yea. RAAAWWWRRR!!!!!
me: no way rawr is my word
armando: i don't see your name on it
me: yep see theres an 'a' in it...thats an 'a' for amanda
me: duh
me: and no...dont try to say its an 'a' for doesn't work that way
me: :-P
armando: aawww! maan!
me: lol i won!!
armando: fine it's an "a" for both armando and amanda
me: okay fin
me: fine*
armando: yea now wat
armando: haa!
me: haha
me: okay so we both win?
me: or half win?
me: lol
armando: maan! fine
me: lol
armando: cool
me: you know it
armando: yuo
armando: yup*
me: lol
me: :whispers: yellow is the best color in the world!!
me: :-D
armando: :whispers: not really
armando: grey is!
me: lol no way
armando: yes way
me: naope
armando: yellow is ugly
me: rawr no its not
me: lol
armando: yes it is
me: uh no
armando: uh yes
me: man, i am bored!
armando: so...whats up with you and omar!;-)
me: lol...nothing
armando: suure
me: no im serious
me: i dont like him
armando: wasn't he trying to get with you or something like that
me: lol i dont know
armando: suure lover gurl
me: psh im serious
armando: uh huh
me: @.@
armando: anyone that you like in general?
me: no...
me: coughyoucough
armando: oohhhh... i get it
armando: coughmecough
me: yes lol
armando: oh really
me: yep
armando: how interesting
me: ya think?
armando: okay! okay! how cool!
me: lol
me: its cool?
armando: well fine , i'll admit it. it makes me happy to know that
me: :-Dreally?
armando: yea
me: okay
armando: whats wrong are you in shock
me: in shock?
armando: i dunno . you're not saying anything
me: iono what to say
armando: how many screen names do you have?
me: 2ish lol
me: i dont like the other one thats my aol sn
armando: oh
armando: i haven't read your profile
armando: i'm gonna read it
me: okay
armando: wow that's deep
armando: you wrote that?
me: wrote what?
armando: that poem in your profile
me: which one?
me: ive written a zillion poems lol
armando: i only read one of them .
me: which one?
armando: so go on, wreck me
me: nope thats my favorite song quote
armando: oh
armando: it's
armando: very touching
me: lol
armando: so you've writtten poems all your life
armando: ??
me: no just um...recently lol
me: ive written like 29 i think
armando: since
armando: when?
me: just recently
armando: that's alot of poems
me: yep
me: psh they're bad though
armando: can i read em
me: um if you really want to
armando: take em to school on monday
me: okay
armando: alright!!
me: lol
armando: did you get soccer pictures
me: for school?
me: yeah
armando: do you still have extras?
me: yea but i dun like them
armando: oh well can i have one?
me: lol i guess
armando: thank you
me: haha anytime
armando: oh maan
armando: it's getting late]
me: i know
armando: i'll let you go cuz i need to wake up at 6:30 am
me: aww lol okay
armando: i have a game
armando: i know ... i wanted to spend more time with you
me: :blushes:
me: lol
armando: but maybe another day
armando: kae
me: kay
armando: well good nit
armando: sweet dreams
me: k you too!
me: night
armando: yea!
armando: buh bye
me: byez
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