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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2004 at 1:49pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: commercials
Subject: buenos dias
4 hours left. maybe i should clean. no...maybe not. my headache is almost gone. its almost as if i am not wearing my contacts...but i am. so its weird. i've been getting these headaches lately where it hurts in the morning and feels like i've gotten too much sleep, when i haven't. huh oh well. i havn't written since last sunday. well nothing much has happened. watched the game monday; umm...went beer ponging on tuesday; and drank for cinco de mayo on wednesday; thursday was filled with nothingness...oh except i took my car in to get fixed, went to the park with the girls, got ice cream, picked up my car and went to the Friends Finale at Studio 28. it was good!! i heart friends. i'm sad its over! we then went down division looking for hookers. i don't think we saw any though. damn. friday i didn't do anything except work, literally, oh i took mark to target to get his mom a mother's day present. saturday i went to work and then to the carnival in holland. fun times! now today is sunday and i'm gasp at work. i'm going home tonight and i'm staying the night i believe. unless i get real bored late when everyone has gone home (my brother and sister), then i might go back. doubt it. i don't work tomorrow so i really don't have anything to do. i'm going to do some sorority stuff and move my room around. its going to be COMPLETELY different! or i hope so at least. oyh well i need to go. i have to look up the switchfoot concert to ask for it off. bye!
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