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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2004 at 11:53pm
this weekend was enjoyable.
friday - dinner with the whole Kwan family at buco di beppo. <3 them mucho. then, movies with tina, adam, and tina's mom. saw mean girls and boy were those girls mean. slept over tina's house.
saturday - ate leftovers, kept myself busy while tina studied watching tv and going online, did tina's hair, laughed, danced, had fun times getting dressed-up. boy do i love her. came home and cut the grass because i was so happy.
sunday - did pretty much absolutley nothing much of anything. washed the floors and straightened up mi casa for my mom, a little cinderella action, while the boys just sat around and did nothing. threw away all of my stats stuff, talked to my aunt, tried on my dress for my aunt and little cousin, sat and looked at the yearbook with my aunt.
aunt jenny: you're right, the senior guys are much cutier then the sophmore guys.
i ate a lot today. i love food, such a chub.

two ap tests this week on the same day!! ugh. and ms.french thinks we are coming to class that day... heh.

try to enjoy this stressful week, the end of it shall be wonderful.

love to all.
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