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justanotherface (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2004 at 7:03pm
guys are stupid then envolve to much drama i dont know its just all way to confusing therse just so much stuff that i just wish would go away ya know its all to tiring and i dont want to deal with it i hate it people suck and im just going to leave it at that nice and simple
where do people get off butting into that doesnt have anything to do with them I dont know its too big of a mess. I hate people you cant tell people anything without them telling someone else and completly taking to another level this is fuck unbeleivable, id otn get any of it ya know. I don't even remember what made all of this start. I'm just a girl no one important who to say that I can take more than the next person. I cant i cant i really cant im not any more specail than the next and im sick of people telling me that i am I have nothing more in me to make me more of a person or even a stronger person than the next ya know i just dont know im so confused right now there are so manythings going through my head and I just want them to stop. im dont im tired . im going to take a shower and then maybe a nap

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