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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2004 at 9:43pm
Current mood: good
Music: Kokomo || The Beach Boys
Subject: Aruba, Jamaica, ooo i wanna take ya!
Yep this weekend was pretty coolioness. I talked to Armando for 2 hours on the phone on Friday night, like an hourish on the computer Saturday night and and hour and a half on the phone last night. Weee. lol

Saturday i went to the movies and saw Van Helsing That movie rawked!! lol. I was awesome, y0.

Sunday was Mother's Day as we all know. We went to breakfast/lunch at Johnny Rebs and then my mom and i went to the mall. I bought a new skirt and some new smexy i only where four on each wrist XD. Then i came home and talked on the telefono with Armando ^.^ ...thats about it. at lunch Tori grabbed my ass. lol she didn't just smack it she full on grabbed it. XD i had a skirt on too. Then 6th period she was trying to put a sticker on me and she grabbed my boob...on purpose lol. I LOVE YEW TORI!! XD <333

Today lol was a purty good day actually. XD in second period we were taking notes and i threw a peice of paper at Armando. lol he turned around and i was laughing but he thought it was Armando. lol then i confessed and said it was me. haha me, flirting much? lmao then at lunch Jo and i got Miguel to hold Armando while i gave him sex hair. Hr moved away but i still kinda got him. Then he and Omar and Miguel decided to get us, so our hair was messed up by the end of lunch lol. Then Mr. Irving made us get out of his class so he could go get lunch, so we were standing outside his classroom and Miguel held Armando and i got him good. lol. His hair was all fluffy and i made all the gel come out. XD it was sexy. So yeah....he had to practice like that. Woo, i told you we were gonna get him. Then after school Jo and i ditched Sal's class like 10 minutes early and went out to the feild. lol. Armando was walking away when the bell rings and my hair was all messed up and blowing all over in the wind and he goes "Hey you have sex hair." lol i was like "You like it?" and he goes "I love it." lol. ;D. So yea we'll see if he calls me tonight.

I have practice in 5 minutes and im gonna be ill update more later. Adios. -.^

<3 Amanderz!

x[Inside Joke]x The running bananas!!! haha.

Bramuda, bahama, come on pretty mama!
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