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hiphulagirl (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 8:08am
It's been so freaking HOT lately. I love it.

I'm doing something I NEVER do. Usually being blindingly pale, this year i'm actually getting decently tan. I'm not such a fan of it, but at least I actually look like I live in Savannah now. Or the south for that matter.

I should meet me a nice art school boy. We could be pretentious, and artsy fartsy together. And he won't be from here, but he'll know more about here than I do because he's a student in the know. And we'll go hang out at all the cool spots no one knows about, or we'll just stay inside. And we'll go for long walks and nothing will ever matter...

unfortunately there aren't many that aren't homos.

I remember that time in college where I met Thomas online... Maybe I should date people I meet online again.

Am I so desperate that i'll try someone that is potentially a freak? Geez, Teresa. Grow up.

Maybe i'll just take up a bad habit, like smoking. It'll maybe take my mind off of all this?
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