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-glassxroses- (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 10:10pm
Subject: post chorus concert quizzage
First best friend: Liz Steinberg
First real memory of something: Meeting Liz, my black gymnastics outfit, my mom's ford, my hush puppies nightgown in the boca trace house.
First date: uhh, like preschool, there was this kid who i was 'dating'. we had a 'date' at my house one time. we were the hot couple cuz we kissed on the lips ;)
First real kiss: Marshall Sheets: summer of '02?=cabin5
First break-up: HA! like 7th grade-- andrew joy.
First job: im gonna get that bank job.
First screen name: JezmoPip. my dad made it for me n jesse when we were young'ns.
First self purchased album: alanis morissette.
First funeral: Poppy. I missed my grandmothers because i didnt want to see her now that she was dead.
First pets: my brother had like 802309483 fish when i was 3, and then my first real pet was a bunny named hopper. he ran away.
First piercing/tattoo: ears :)
First credit card: N/A
First true love: is over the ocean.
First enemy: brittany jackson? i cant remember that far back or that many people. heh.
First play/musical/performance: either fourth grade cho-russ, or before in some random thing.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: prbly Joni Mitchell.
First broken bone: collarbone= CLAVICLE.
First fist fight: in elementary school... i beat kids up so like second grade i think.
First concert: less than jake. i was 9 or 8? and then SPICE GIRLS. heh.
Last cigarette: months ago.
Last big car ride: to the boomers in dania to take jeff on his first roller coaster! haha
Last kiss: ryan i think.
Last good cry: couple weeks ago.
Last movie seen: Envy(in theaters) Top Secret! (on my couch)
Last library book checked out: i frivolously purchase books.
Last beverage drank: water mixed wtih bile.
Last food consumed: peanut butter granola bar. and i actually ate it. :)
Last crush: dang... umm... paul s or hamon? i dont 'crush' much.
Last phone call: my voicemail at the cho-russ show
Last TV show watched: gilmore girls.
Last time showered: like a half hour ago.
Last shoes worn: character shoes for the show.
Last cd played: streetlight manifesto
Last item bought: bandaids, dexatrim, granola bars, tampons
Last annoyance: the suck level of the chorus show, and the blister from my shoes
Last disappointment: sucking in the show tonight. having to be in the room with people i dont particularly like from school.
Last ice cream eaten: Half Baked. :)
Last soda drank: too long ago... probably sprite.
Last time wanting to die: last time i was asked if i wanted to go back to siciliano
Last time scolded: TODAY.
Last shirt worn: leap through time shirt/ mustard plug shirt
Last website visited: woohu, and yahoo, and aim express
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