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NYMPHOFDARKNESS777 (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 10:10pm
Current mood: Relived
Music: A Perfect Circle~ Brena
Subject: NO more singing, YAY!
I'm home, yay. I'm back from the choir concert. It seemed ok... lol. But stupid "smearly" had to help with the choreography. Stupid, crappy, retarded dance moves are not fun to do when that creepy guy is in the audience. :shivers: man he's creepy.. but so sexy *meow* lol. I know he saw me, because he made a face and mouthed my name *yay* but :shiver: creepy sexy guys shouldnt do that to me!

HEHe, but what a good day. I got my sliding cell, Yippee. Hip, hip, HOoray!
:: plays with cell to make fun noises:: Who should I call. er- I have NO one on my contact list, grr.

Also, Ive been SOBER for 3 whole weeks! BOOYA, marilu and jon! You both got served, lol. I have not done anything that is harmful to the human body...Well other that drawing and cutting it.. I'm pretty much good for the not doing any kind of substances. lol. yay! So yeah, Marilu and Jon ::does little victory dance:: booya! lol. I'm also off my meds, so I'm going be normal.. er- I wasnt normal before, lol.

I'm going to take out your liver bones!!!
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